jah feels~ remembering the oneness of our love, the oneness that is us. together we rise ♪



finding flow

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the feels

about: millie nene

I live to learn and love.. I share my art through writing, body+energy work, cooking, surfing, and connection. I’ve been chasing the sun and surf for the past two years and hopefully beyond, meanwhile connecting to new people y places, ultimately back to Self. unlearning and relearning (remembering). My life is 100% experimental with the universal laws of attraction, manifestation, trust, love, and connection. I am continuously and endlessly learning, growing, morphing, and evolving (I as you as me as we). I hope that you can see yourself in me.

We all start our journey somewhere, and we have different ways and timings to lead into awakening. I write with intention - with zero judgement. I honor and recognize that you are on your personal journey, and I hope you can see that in me as well.

thank you for this space. thank you for the reflections and seeds planted. thank you for Being. together we rise~ xx

about: reminders (blog)

In these times of social and environmental adversity, I feel it necessary to keep sharing nothing but love and light. The oneness of us all, including our Mother Earth is so real and is being forgotten as the fear grows. We are all daughters and sons of Creation - as we divide ourselves more and more with labels created by man - through religion, ethnicity, culture, gender - we are finding ourselves furthering away from truth. Our world has long been in a time of war and discrimination over the illusions we've created to separate ourselves from one another - ultimately from our selves. Jesus was not a Christian, Muhammad was not a Muslim, I am no less human because I am a woman, nor are you because you have different skin color than me. If my 'God' and your 'God' teach about love, forgiveness, purification, and compassion - aren't we on the same team? In the end, in this humanly realm we are all on our journeys to fulfillment - longing for a sense of belonging.. seeking peace. We are all brothers and sisters, all apart of this wild dance meant to help one another through the process. this is the journey. this is one love:)

this blog is a collection of simple reminders (much for me, hehe) but hopefully for you and for us: some insight, motivation, inspiration - whatever you want to take it as. I say they are just reminders - things you already know somewhere within, just being written out for you to bring your awareness back to - to reel it in in a (hopefully) relevant, helpful way. unlearning y relearning. remembering~

I hope this can be a space to help each other move forward on our discovery toward freedom and peace. The interconnectedness of us all is so present, and I believe that the power of word and the power of thought can really make a difference. this is why I write. thank yous~

about: offerings


"'live what you love”. these offerings (healing & yoga) are not for ‘work’ or business’, but more so as earthly duties and my will to give back y practice right livelihood, finding balance. I do ask for donations but please don’t hesitate bc of the exchange via money involved (I love trades, gifting, etc!) I offer my services to all and any in need. your healing is my healing (our healing). thank you for Being!! xx one love

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social: @millienene