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On Money, Abundance, and Manifestation

On Money, Abundance, and Manifestation

Greetings From Here y Now:)

Today I thought I’d share some personal insight on money + manifestation, because I’ve definitely learned (still learning) financial responsibilities the hard way and also because the other night I ran into my friend’s youtube video that I happened to be in and I was reading through comments, and everyone seemed to be commenting about how some people can afford to live such carefree lives with no responsibilities, etc. And I just wanted to share with those people y beyond that 1) the video is glamming up a day of our lives and not sharing the other half where it actually shows and shares that we are also human and same same working y functioning in this society like everyone else 2) No one’s situation will be the same - some people actually do live getting paid to travel and look good, as others might have to go through lots more to earn way less. But that is a whole different topic 3) Which leads into: stop comparing y complaining, find gratitude and the abundance already present in your current reality.

Anyway, I want to share with you my current reality and my balance on this path toward freedom. (mind you, in this current reality of this three-dimensional plane and the level of consciousness we are dwelling in as a whole, no one is as free as they may think they are). Anyway, this is my best to share some insight to feel a little more free and out of the rat race as possible.

My Current Situation + Reality:

It’s a little sensitive and out-there (embarrassing, too) to share my current reality but this may help in making you feel not-so-alone (or even better and hopeful) about your current reality. So here goes.. I was in about $8000 in debt (cut that in half now, still going!) for many reasons which I’ve learned (and again, am still learning) the lessons of responsibility y balance, I haven’t had a solid income for a year because I was mingling around trading my way through life, didn’t have money to even get to Australia (which I had to borrow from my poor mom, thank you for being the most amazing mom), I don’t have money to fly back to California (which I don’t plan on just yet anyway), etc. Here y now in Byron and I work 6 sometimes 7 days a week, 30 - 40+ hours some weeks, wake up every morning at 6am for it, etc. LOL

However, there is also so much beauty within this madness because it is everything I asked for and intended to manifest for my here y now. I knew I was in so much debt, I wanted to find work asap when I got to Australia, and on my third day being in the country I got two jobs (yay! and thank you!!) And it’s not teaching yoga as I’ve decided I wanted to take time away from teaching (besides retreats!) to focus this year on learning. The job is from early morning and I finish early afternoon so I still have time to surf every day (which was also my priority in coming here), I still have time to practice yoga twice a day!, make time for my rituals and offer healing to others weekly, I have some old friends who’ve welcomed me into their home (thank you couchsurfing!!), I’ve made friends who pick me up to go surf almost every day, I have a bike to ride to work and around town, I am in the process of manifesting a car (will update you in a week or so, lol), and I’m simply feeling more free and filled with abundance, with a deeper knowing that all is well. 

Being one who always had a safe-keeping of extra money in my savings, to be minus thousands of dollars is a bit wild and out there for me..

However, I'm realizing that it was never about how much I had (or will ever have, for that matter), to make me feel safe or secure. In this modern world, to be “rich” is slowly shifting away from the old paradigm of money = wealth to time (time, lifestyle, freedom, etc.) = wealth. A backpacker with just a backpack, a few hundred dollars, and freedom is more idolized than a businessman with 3 houses, a boat, and only weekends to make use of it all. Some of the happiest people I’ve met come from countries where their home is made from scraps of tin and their most prized possessions are second-hand toys. Some close relatives of mine have more than $10K saved up but can't seem to stop worrying or ever feel like they have enough..

With our relationship with money, I am coming to understand that, as everything else, it is the perspective we carry - the reality made through our inner world and mentality. 

Although I may talk about it like it's no problem at all, it definitely was (is) a process to work through- to break through the barriers of illusion, to tear down the egoic structures of conditioned/societal thinking, and to truly surrender and trust in love and abundance. 

And for those that may find this to be naive or unrealistic.. well that's the whole process of overcoming judgement and limitations we set for ourselves. This is a journey of finding balance between the material and spiritual, to make peace with our relationship with money and material holdings, and to live from a space of good intention, trust and flow. 

As we step into this power - of living in alignment with our highest selves, by tapping into this trust and connection with Source - well, money and material abundance simply follow. Money comes and goes. Some times in big amounts and sometimes, it's hard to recognize it's even there.. but abundance can always be found, if we allow ourselves to open up to it. 

Today I share some reminders and insights that (I hope) help in this process of shedding and reprogramming our minds to step into a life of abundance and unconditional trust.

Remember! Money is Energy + Money is Neutral

Many of us have a bittersweet relationship with money, having a hard time balancing the idea that it is something we may want and need, but don't want to need. It's hard with the conditioned structure of our society to get away from it all. But we truly don't need to get away from it in order to make peace with it. 

p e r c e p t i o n 

I used to have such a hard time making mends with the idea of monetizing my yoga practice/teaching. I struggled with the idea of taking money from people in service of their spiritual growth and sacred practices. Or I used to be sooo over working five days a week as a waitress because I knew that it wasn't my ultimate calling or anything, but that's just what I had to do to make ends meet. 

However, I am finally realizing that these boggles correlated with my perception of it all. With yoga, I am beginning to see it as an exchange of energy rather than an unfair or unjust "payment". It's like burning man vibes - you give a service/product in exchange for a service/product. No need to label money as negative, or as the devil. It simply is what it is in our modern society. 

In regards to work, it's quite similar in the idea that it is all energy. You are giving your time and service in exchange for this other energy called "money". Also, after not working for some time, you may start to feel what a blessing it is to have a job in the first place. If we continue to feel that going into work is dreadful, it will be miserable. If you work thinking it to be neutral or even positive, it may even become joyful.

Some days I think to myself, “fuck work I need time for my Self and my rituals!!” Which is true. Try to find the balance within it all. I work 30 -40 hours a week, but I also surf 4-7 days a week, practice yoga daily, etc. When you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself or victimizing yourself, you are taking energy away from putting time into self-care and self-love.

Also, here in Byron at the cafe I am currently working in, literally about 2-5 people come in a day! asking for a job. These are direct reminders to be humbled and grateful that I even have a job. Perception is everything!

Change your mind, change your reality.  

be R E S O U R C E F U L

This doesn't mean you have to have a lot of resources (or any at all) - it simply means to make use of the resources around you. Yes it's nice to be able to make quick money teaching a yoga class or giving massages while traveling.. but if you play smart, you can save lots of money and even make some along the way without a bunch of money-making skills up your sleeve. 

Last year on the road in Australia, Kent and I made over $3000 from nothing.. I bought a surfboard on Facebook Market for $130 and sold it a month later for $350, Kent found us a car for $1600 and we sold it for $3200 two months later. The past few months in Japan, I didn’t have any money so I traded my skillset and knowledge for a car, accommodation, meals, a few massages, a haircut, and a surfboard. This also doesn’t mean to scam people (haha), it means to offer what you can, believe in it and in yourself. Always (and only) out of love and light.

Also, being resourceful means to know your resources and to be responsible for yourself (which I’m also still working on!!) If you know you only have $20 to spend for the day, don't splurge where you shouldn't and be considerate and intentional. If you want to save up, set goals and put aside little amounts of money each day or week to eventually make big. 

Being resourceful is to be smart and to hold yourself accountable. Believe in yourself!!

Remember, responsibility = freedom.


This is the most important one and something I've been playing and working with for the past few years. To some it may be a little too esoteric and out-there, but in order to connect with this intuitive nature and higher guidance, we must slowly work to break down those exact barriers of disbelief and t r u s t that we can use these powers to manifest the life of our dreams. 

This also doesn't mean that just because you pray and send good intentions out to the Universe, that everything will come your way. It also requires your attention and hard work. It is a part of our constant journey of evolution, to connect with Source and our highest selves so that we can be a vessel for this magic to flow through. Also, if you’ve tried everything and don’t seem to be manifesting.. it’s because that is apart of the bigger plan and you have to find a way to trust in and honor that. Ask, surrender, let go.. then you receive. And sometimes you will receive the very thing you’ve asked for, and sometimes not quite. That’s okay. Find the space to give thanks and truly welcome it all.

 which goes to remind us to live from the heart space:

abundance cannot exist without gratitude.

Law of A T T R A C T I O N


Balance: Have What You Need - Nothing More and Nothing Less

..This is what I personally think "minimalism" is. Sure it's known to be living with your basic and most minimal needs.. however, through actually living the minimalist lifestyle I have learned to live in the center lane between the both extremes of having too much and too little. If you have too much, it simply won't fit in the backpack you carry as home; if you have too little, you're screwed through unpredictable weathers.

This idea is a big one for the shifting times and the modern meaning of abundance- as we move to higher consciousness and heightened awareness, many people are ditching the once-glorified "American dream" of having the beautiful home, car, clothes, and status for a more pure and simple lifestyle of chasing their dreams and following their creative, intuitive nature. We are finding that money truly cannot buy happiness, and acquiring more and more is a never-ending cycle of realizing that we can never have enough. 

With this being said, again, moderation is key. So hell yeah, buy those pair of shoes you've wanted, but maybe donate back what you don't wear anymore. Just practice to steer away from falling heavily into one side of the spectrum of extremes. Take care of yourself, treat yourself once in a while.. Remember, this is a journey of balance. 

Ask, believe, SURRENDER, receive.

This one was a big one for me this past week. I am in the process of manifesting a car having only a few hundred dollars to spend at the moment (again, I will update you next week, lol). And last week I was becoming quite obsessive, checking gumtree every hour to see for cheap cars listed. I was getting so into it that I was not being so present, and I was also steering into the extreme of focusing on everything I don’t have rather than the things I already do. I did a self reading with my tarot which was a huge reminder to acknowledge everything I already have to be grateful for.. it truly reminded me to loosen up and surrender into things. The next day, I got a phone call from my love telling me he would gift me a sum of money + an epic deal from a guy selling his van + an offer of a new surfboard + an opportunity for a new job that I’m stoked about! Anyway, the lesson was that as soon as I was able to reach for that of love and let go of all the negativity, doubt, and worrying, the universe returned with the same vibrations of love and abundance that I put out. Gratitude is everything. Ask, believe, surrender, then receive.

This one was a long one.. if you got through it, thank you for reading. I hope it helps in some way! Although this is rambles about manifestation and the relationship with money, I want to emphasize that it is really about recognizing the abundance already present in your own current reality and finding y holding the space for gratitude with it all.

Recognize that you are enough, that you do enough, that you have enough. Keep this positive, loving energy coursing through your veins. To and through your heart.

Ask yourself and remind yourself, “what do I (already) have to be grateful for?”

and let those words be your most important mantra. With this positive mentality, the Universe cannot wait to send you more omens, more signs, more gifts, and more of the LOVE!!! xx

one love and many blessings. journey well fam~ xoxo




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