I hope that by exchanging interests, insights, and all the feels, we can encourage each other to find our truths; to live what we love and follow our hearts to make ways for a more conscious, loving world.

Contemplations on Conscious Living

Contemplations on Conscious Living

greetings from here y now: 7/11/2019

back home in LA for the next two months. wow, the transition of coming home after almost 2 years of being away.. it’s crazy to see how much I have grown through interactions and reflections with and of others. I’ve been back for a week now, and have been going through what seems like hectic culture shock and all sorts of the blues.

I had been living in rural, beachside towns for a while (Miyazaki, Byron, etc.) and it is actually insane being back in a city like LA. the amount of people, the commotion, the traffic, the full-throttle material world.

one of the biggest things that truly shocks me is that - the material side of everything. the consumption, the waste, the plastic, the mentality of everyone always wanting more more more… I feel like an alien - I’ve been living out of a single suitcase for the past almost two years, living out of a van, always barefoot and every day immersed in and with Mother Earth. I don’t mean to sound condescending at all, but it seems people are a bit disconnected here.. at least the majority of people. or maybe I had just been in a bubble living in Byron, where sustainable and conscious living is the standard. and it’s no ones fault really, it’s just that that is all we know. it’s just what it is.

although I am overwhelmed and a bit saddened to see the reality of how most people live, I am also seeing this as such a beautiful opportunity to make a difference. to truly live what I believe in and try my best to spread the awareness and everything in between that I have learned in the past months.

“You begin saving the world one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics” -Charles Bukowski

if you care for Mother Earth, for nature, for the planet.. I think that automatically makes you an environmentalist. we don't necessarily have to participate in every activism event or go to the forefronts of environmental conferences and protests to be considered an environmentalist. real change starts with lifestyle changes one person at a time. and in these times, serious lifestyle changes are just necessary. that’s simply the reality. I know most of us are aware of this reality - we’re just either scared and don’t want to face it, we don’t care, or it’s a hassle to do anything about.

I know we all have dreams and ambitions, but what is the point in working toward those career and/or life goals if there is no playing field (which here y now in this realm of living is, mother earth) to even pursue those things on? imagine, it’s like trying to build a city on top of a swamp.. we can cover the swamp with concrete and build the whole city on top. the swamp is still a swamp - still there - and at one point (any point) the city can crumble, drown and bury itself in what it truly is.

this being conscious and being as sustainable as possible has to become the standard. Byron Bay standard was amazing to experience - plastic is really not a thing there, and the places that offered it were kind of the ‘uncool’ places to be. It was simply uncool to be wasteful and unaware. that was the norm.

and I know that Byron is not the only place.. as much as I may sound like I’m booing LA for how it is, I know so many cool people doing cool things to move forward to make a difference. these communities that have the means to even make these conscious choices.. that’s where it starts. I understand that many people are living each day simply trying to get by, constantly working in a state of survival. it seems that they may not have the time or luxury to think about things outside of their immediate day-to-day life, or to see beyond to the bigger picture.

however, we are now in a place as a species to take responsibility. no more room (or time) for excuses. this shit is actually serious. we are entering a phase of conscious and understanding, where being unaware and careless is simply naive and irresponsible. and once you start transitioning into a more conscious lifestyle, you’ll actually see how much money, time, resources, etc. you truly save. it is time to wake up.

Conscious living extends to being aware of the impacts we have on others and also on our earth. 

Being aware doesn’t stop at just being mindful and kind to ourselves and others. as we work on our consciousness and personal growth, we begin to awaken to the idea that we are all interconnected in one way or another. there is a mysterious sense of oneness, of being same same. and as our awareness expands, we naturally begin to spread the knowledge and seek to make change. we might even start to notice and be more aware of the bigger picture, to see what is going on as a whole. this is awakening. this is being conscious. and I hope!!! that being conscious becomes the new cool.

today I will leave it here.. I hope to slowly write more about this topic - about transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle, of being more mindful with our choices, consuming consciously, taking responsibility! etc..

I truly don’t mean to sound like I have a stick up my ass or condescending at all. but this mindfulness/awareness of our actions - especially having to do with the way we consume and treat our planet - should be taken seriously. I understand we all start somewhere, that we all have our timing into awakening.. however, some processes could be sped up. it’s all about spreading awareness, educating the masses, and holding accountability and being responsible! I came to this earth to heal and to spread light.. many of us have. and this is us crying, us trying. get on the boat! together we rise.

one love many blessings,


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