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Cosmic Blessings of Love: Venus & Jupiter, 11/2017

Cosmic Blessings of Love: Venus & Jupiter, 11/2017

in and out of thoughts
longing to connect back to the voice of divinity,
to the gentle pull of my intuitive nature.
all it takes is a few breaths
and a moment to sit with myself.
this I know
that this connection is what I long for.
yet I find myself swimming in circles
ignoring the higher calling
tending to my humanly boggles
the paradigm of illusion-
of fear, of doubt.
of resistance.
of devaluing my essence.
but I yearn for nothing more
than this moment of sacred stillness
to be whole again,
to be with myself again.
and each time I come back to this place of tranquility,
of calm and undeniable peace
I recognize that I am held. 
that the Universe has been waiting patiently.
no matter how many times I seem to travel in endless circles
the Universe awaits,
with trust
with open arms.
rather than circles, I am reminded
it is a spiral that I travel in.
of losing myself
and finding my way again.
it is here, now, that I (re)learn
over and over
reminded in new light
that I am here
on purpose, with purpose. 
I am a child of the Creation
(I am you as we)
trusted in, and waited for.
star dust swimming,
in and out of thoughts

through this spiral
back home, I return. 

- 11/14/17 Venus & Jupiter Meeting. Nene.

"On November 13-14th, Venus and Jupiter are going to cross paths in the sign of Scorpio, sending waves of abundant and loving energy to all of us.

Venus is the planet of love, profits, and beauty, and when she meets Jupiter in the sky, we all receive waves of her energy.


Jupiter has the power to amplify whatever it touches, allowing all of us to receive the cosmic blessings that Venus has in store for us.

Venus is known as the goddess of love and beauty. She symbolises the Divine Feminine and is highly creative, compassionate and generous. Venus also rules over the heart chakra.

When working with Venus and Jupiter energy, we are reminded to expand our hearts and to open our hearts up to the world. We are reminded to give and receive love, and we are also reminded to nurture and care for ourselves.

So many of us dedicate our time to the wellbeing of others, but when it comes to ourselves we can be harsh and forget that we also need time to rest, relax and recharge.

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter comes as a reminder that we all need to focus on filling up our own cup and doing things that promote self-love and self-care.

To best tap into this energy, close your eyes and place your hands over your heart center. Breathe deeply here for a moment and then ask yourself- â€œWhat is the most loving thing I can do for myself?” 

- Intuitive Astrology by Forever Conscious (check their blog out for the best!!! astrology info!)

I read this (and am now writing this) on November 13th. 

Today I write as though this is my personal journal, but hopefully it is of some insight to you too. 

For the past few days, I've been feeling a bit disconnected from my intuitive nature, and for the past few weeks, I've been having a major writing (and energy) block of some sort. Just yesterday I was beating myself up, bothered that I hadn't meditated like I had intended to do everyday. 

I've been managing to connect through journaling but I hadn't written in my form of true release - of art and flow. But today, I wrote. And today, it flowed through me and it felt fucking amazing. It was an instant release. Of trust and hope surging through my veins to shake me. To reawaken me. Maybe this is this "wave of abundant and loving energy" for me. A reminder. 

It's interesting that this cosmic movement talks about the heart space and of truly making time for self-love and care. Three days ago, I did a chakra meditation and I got stuck at my heart, feeling a blockage of energy in that space; this was a first for me, so it got me into all sorts of thinking and feeling. I journaled all about this, going on about how I felt so angry, disconnected, judgemental, and creatively blocked.. and wow, thank you, synchronicities. this was definitely the theme of my past weeks, leading up to today: 

"Venus is known as the goddess of love and beauty. She symbolises the Divine Feminine and is highly creative, compassionate and generous. Venus also rules over the heart chakra."

... I read all of this tonight when I arrived to my partner's house, after a nice drive through the still, quiet of the night. As I drove, my heart started trembling, rivers of tears streaming down my face as I sat in utter surrender - of release. of forgiveness. At this point I was speaking aloud, pleading to the skies, thanking the Universe for all the patience, the unconditional love, the endless giving and continuous trust. For allowing me to shed a little lighter, to peel another film of the veil that is of doubt, insecurity, and uncertainty. 

As I read this, it all came together. What I had written earlier today came together with all that I had felt in those moments of the night. and now, intertwined with this cosmic blessing of love, as I connect my thoughts and feelings back to this sacred and direct expression through intuitive astrology. 

Today, I share some of my babbles and uplifting experiences. I haven't been able to keep up with the way I wanted to for this blog because of school, work, preparing for graduation, preparing for my transition out of studenting, etc. But I am excited for all that is to come, when I am settled and can truly pour 100% of myself into this. 

Thank you for sharing this space with me. Thank you Universe for the constant inspiration, motivation, hope, love, trust, and empowerment you send my way. I am and will continue working and practicing, playing, loving and learning to peel the layers and purify and cleanse this vessel - so that I can be of service, so that I can be a true instrument of love. 

Today we are well. Today is now, and now is always.

Much love and many blessings~ xx




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