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 Do You: Sacred Ritual to Check-In with Self

Do You: Sacred Ritual to Check-In with Self

We are often caught up in our everyday-monkey-minds - tending to humanly needs, schedules, situations, and people. Throughout our day, we may have thoughts like, "oh I should really make time to meditate today", or "I will most definitely journal tonight before going to bed", and we know that's what we need and want most out of the day, but end up never getting around to it. 

Even if you don't have a solid practice of prayer, you may find this true for whatever your sacred time of self-care is - whether it'd be sowing, dancing, yoga, singing, lounging, sports, etc.. 

This is an overall theme of balance, something that has been my theme for the past few months. To find time for friends, community, external connection vs. finding time for Self, stillness, and internal connection. This is many of our life-long struggle here on this earthly plane - of finding balance between being human and of Spirit.

At the beginning of the year, many of us take the time to sit down and check-in with our intentions, feelings, vision, and goals. We're a third ways into the year - when was the last time you made time to greet your deep self,, to acknowledge how you feel and where you are along your journey, both internally and externally?

I found this beautiful ritual & insight by forever conscious utilizing the energy of this new moon to move us through this sacred appointment with ourselves. This is suuuuuch an amazing practice to truly work to step away from all that does not serve us to make room for growth. To find forgiveness and acceptance with all that was and is. Ultimately, to reground, reset, and fill ourselves up with a renewed sense of understanding and compassion toward ourselves and others. 

This ritual is a gem even outside of this new moon, so maybe give yourself the time and love to check in once in a few moons whenever you feel it necessary. 

cleansing Ritual

(full ritual + more insight by forever conscious, here.)

1. “Things that are no longer working out for me or things that I no longer wish to tolerate in my life” ~ ponder this//free flow writing for 10-20 minutes. 

3. If you have a list, maybe you'll focus on one "issue" in mind (go strong, maybe pick the most bothersome/toughest one!) and ask yourself:

  • "how does this area of my life/issue make me feel on the inside? what attitudes/thoughts and beliefs do I have that may have contributed to this situation?"
  • "how does this issue impact my life externally or on the outside? what events or people does this situation attract into my life?"
  • "what is one productive thing I can do on both an internal and external level to change this situation?"

4. Read back all that you have written, and allow any thoughts + feelings to arise. Feel it up - it is so necessary to sit with our feelings (even/especially if they hurt) to allow ourselves to release them.

5. Once ready, repeat the following mantra or feel free to tailor it to suit your own situation-

  • "I am ready to let go of the attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that I carry that may be contributing to this situation. I am ready to change, I am ready to let go of any old stories that are holding me back so I can write a new one. I am ready to look at things from a new point of view. I am ready to change"
  • “I forgive myself for any negative thoughts or feelings I have around this situation. I forgive others around this situation too and understand that we are all just here to learn and grow. I forgive myself. I forgive (feel free to mention specific names or events here too). Through forgiving, I release and accept what has happened but know that it no longer needs to be part of my present or future. I am now empowered to make the changes I need.”
  • “I am ready to make positive changes in my life. I know the old ways are no longer working for me and I send loving kindness to myself so I may make the change of (insert the changes you are going to make here.”

"Making changes always starts with a shift in attitude first. If something is not working on the outside, it is always helpful to look at how you can begin fixing it by looking within.

By going within and addressing any thoughts, beliefs or attitudes around the situation, you are in a much more powerful position to make productive and lasting changes." - Forever Conscious

** more insight + feels from this Aries New Moon, here~ **

For me, it is so powerful and much more productive to see my thoughts and feelings written on paper. It helps me to feel lighter, clearer, and more understanding of what is truly going on within me. I hope this little bit of ritual serves you in some way :)

(also a p.s. for fellow yoga-teachers out there!! I also loveee to incorporate this in meditation or theme my classes as I teach around specific things that we can all work on. I am working to share more about this later on, but for now, I hope this inspires you to lead some guided meditations throughout your teaching + learning!)

One love and many blessings, 

xx Nene

Bali ♡

Bali ♡