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F*CK PLASTIC: Survival Skills of the 21st Century (Part III)

F*CK PLASTIC: Survival Skills of the 21st Century (Part III)

from reduce, reuse, recycle to REFUSE - then reduce, reuse, recycle.

this whole mentality of the masses has to step up a level or two. mass consumption is an issue but almost inescapable with this human population population; however, the plastic consumption is a real issue and is totally avoidable. many of us don’t think twice about it.. do you ever think to yourself? - where does it come from and where will it go? plastic is now a part of us in ways that are not only harmful to the environment, but to our health and wellbeing. it’s pretty much in everything - from the soils that our food grows on, the fish and animals that you are eating, in our water, in the air - its f**king everywhere and it’s highly toxic (and ugly as). here are some great simple reads to get informed. it all starts here y now with us!!!

Say NO to single-use plastic or any sort of single serving packaging

Single-use plastic and other packaging is an addiction - we all know it’s not good, but it’s efficient and easy we keep using. its all about kicking our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic, and changing the system that produces it. meaning it start with us.. with you and I. if their is no us, (the market) that demands single-use (hopefully all) plastic, then the producers of it will have to change their ways.

some things that I do to stay away from single-use plastics & packaging:

  • carry reusable utensils, bring my own Tupperware, coffee mug, and cup in my bag or car to use at outings, potlucks or take-out restaurants.

  • if you forget your reusables, ask to have it ‘for-here’ instead of for take-away. If they only do take away, I simply do not support them and fight my need/craving/etc. for that certain thing at that certain time and don’t get it! or go elsewhere. it’s a beautiful practice of self-discipline and self-accountability!

  • bring your own bag!! and always have extra tote bags or reusable shopping bags on you. You never know:)

  • reusable food wrap! ditch plastic wraps and all one use plastics!! —> buy or DIY.

  • say no to straws!!!

Buy in BULK!

  • Instead of buying a new bottle of shampoo or dish soap every time, find a nearby bulk store where you can refill your bottle with more shampoo. most bulk stores carry local and organic so it’s a plus in every way!

  • Not only for household needs, look into buying foods in bulk as well! from grains, rice, nuts, to sweets!

  • (google) bulk food stores near me, or ask your nearest health food store people for more information!! xx

Consume consciously:

This not only goes for cutting down on plastic or one-use packaging but goes for ALL SHOPPING in general -taking a moment to pause and truly question if what you are about to buy is going to serve you. Again, it starts with refuse - then reduce, reuse, recycle. We need to start moving into the mindset of oneness, of seeing the bigger picture. A lot of our consumption is luxurious and sometimes even selfish. Do you need those new pair of shoes or is it an impulsive decision following a mindless, shallow trend for the time being? Where does it come from, where will it go? We need to step away from the thought, “it’s okay I’ll just get a new one”. We have to start seeing everything as a finite source - in this way, less is more and we will truly start to understand the value of things.

Let us slowly take the steps to take initiative, to become the trend-setters, and to be more aware of our choices. We must hold ourselves accountable! It starts here - with me, with you, with us!! one love many blessings~ xx nene



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