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God in Nature

God in Nature

"Forget not that Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair"

We are slowly transitioning from one season to the next, warm days and summertime vibes are a comin': the season of more venturing than ever - of camping, hiking, surfing - all the groove. I was reading through a friend's blog and I came across a beautiful, poetic piece she wrote that really hit home; it moved me to tears and inspired me to write more, adventure more, and indulge myself within the magic of our mother. Today I share her writing with you all :)


I Used To Pray by Ashlee Ginn

I used to picture the earth when I thought of God. They both were subconsciously fascinating and intriguing and terrifying to me. They both are circular and all-encompassing – both stable and unstable, infinite, and inescapable. Perhaps I made this comparison too often – somewhere along the way, nature became my sanctuary. I forgot of righteousness, and dreamt of open sky. Nature began teaching me and humbling me and challenging me and fulfilling me more than any pew ever did.

The flowers tell me, “Live freely and keep growing.” The peaceful stream says, “Stay awhile, but don’t become stagnant. Give life, while being life.” The stars gaze down fiercely at me to say, “Pierce the darkness. Don’t let it overtake you… shine.” The rocks scream, “Be grounded! Do not forget how high you can reach and how solid you can be.”

We may live in this world, but it also lives in us. I might not pray, but that doesn’t mean I don’t bow humbly to something bigger than me. I might not measure my life by the Bible, but that doesn’t mean I don’t crave immortal words filled with promise and permission to be human.

Maybe God is that star, or that leaf or that pebble. Maybe God is nowhere and maybe God is everywhere, so thin and silent, it’s no surprise I’ve never heard his voice… never seen her eyes.

The grain of sand and the broken petal stop me in my path to say, “See? We are small like you. And still, we are a part of something bigger. We live on a round sphere suspended in black space, and this is all we’ll ever know.”

This circle is all that will hold me.

A beautiful reminder of the oneness that is us - of the unconditional love and grounding found within nature, yearning to be remembered and rediscovered within us. A reminder to always stay curious and adventurous. To hold gratitude, to allow ourselves to be honest and raw. To be humbled by the wonders and beauty that extends through and around each of us.

This is just a small bit from the whole piece (which reflects on other ideas but is all so powerful and heartening); if you are interested, please do go read the whole post on her blog, Reason and Risk. Her writing is inspiring, moving.. simply amazing. We met in the desert, dancing our nights away under the stars, waking up to music, yoga and coffee. We met through our incredible tribe of brothers and sisters who take every opportunity to get out and play; sparkles in their youthful eyes answering the call back into the wild, seeking nothing but freedom and groovy vibrations. 

I am heading to Havasupai this weekend~ looking forward to basking under the desert sun, reveling in the grounds of the Grand Canyon. I will keep this reminder with me as I center and reground. I hope this inspired you as well to get out and soak up the vibes: to feel the wind through your hair, the warmth under your feet, and the unconditional love that is our Mother Earth. Thank you thank you Ashlee for the beautiful reminder and the heartfelt truths.

Sending love and good vibrations all ways, always!

Today, we are well. Today is now and now is always.

Much love~ xx 

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