I hope that by exchanging interests, insights, and all the feels, we can encourage each other to find our truths; to live what we love and follow our hearts to make ways for a more conscious, loving world.

greetings from here y now

greetings from here y now


1/11/2019 Byron Bay
a wild year its been, and it goes by so fast. 
almost exactly a year ago I got rid of most of my stuff and bought a one way ticket to aus. on the road for two months with mi partner @kentnishiya, hopped over to Bali, and ended up in japan where I stayed for more than half the year w @_cinemaheaven_.surfed my brains out, made friends that are now soul fam, relied on trading knowledge y skills for a home, a car, a surfboard and a haircut. got caught in humanly boggles and lost my way for a bit (still spiraling to find my way). a whole year later I’m back here y now in the land down under continuing the endless search for Self (and hopefully an endless summer of sunshine & surf). trusting in myself more than ever, being guided by my intuitive nature and by the pull of curiosity, adventure, connection, understanding, strength and love. spiraling home, finding flow through all the feels~ overflowing with gratitude. blessings. LOVE. thank you to everyone for the seeds planted, for the reflections, the teachings, the reminders, and always, the love!!!!


I’m learning each day that a heart and mind full of gratitude is the ultimate. I’m being reminded that humans are humans thanks to other humans - meaning that we are meant to support each other, plant seeds within each others’ journeys and this beautiful balance between giving and receiving is the ultimate source of happiness. To see myself in others, through the love and care of others, I am reminded of the essence of this human experience - connection, belonging, oneness - wholeness.

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up here - blessed with opportunity, great company, and beautiful happenings and encounters. I sometimes almost feel bad about it, like what did I do to deserve such blessings!! And I have to tell myself that it is all what I put out, the fruits of labor of living each day trying to be the best person that I can be, the karma of being grateful and offering my light and all that I can whenever I can.

I’m learning what hard work and determination truly mean.. I’m still at a point in my life where I am not 100% fully self-employed.. I know that timing is coming, but for now I’m here busting my ass (almost) every day, working at a cafe cooking & serving coffee, and some nights working at a restaurant waitressing (shoutout to fellow healers, artists, creators, who are balancing their earthly duties of spreading love with the reality of finding ways to make ends meet, xx). There’s a timing for it all, all the process while holding balance of both worlds. It’s really the mentality that comes with it all. I work more than you can probably imagine, but I am still feeling so free and not-so-tired every day because I see it all as a blessing and go through it all with a heart y mind full of gratitude. In Japan I had forgotten what money is because I was literally trading my way through life.. trading my computer skills building websites for people in return receiving a car and gas funds. Or running a cafe in exchange for a home, family, and food every day. Now, I am actually receiving money in exchange for my time and work, and it feels so damn good.

I’m also learning so much about myself every day, meeting epic people and communities, practicing yoga, have lovely friends who’ve welcomed me into their home like family, I’m surfing more than I imagined I could be for the first few weeks here without a car or a surfboard, and the love goes on. The Universe has me. Has all of us, really - if we are open to receive, expecting nothing but a knowingness that anything that comes our way is to get us closer to our purpose and to what is meant. In the meantime, maybe busting your ass and (sometimes) getting kicked to your butt is a fine teaching of balance, being humble, knowing hard-work, and knowing what you want and don’t want for yourself and your lifestyle. I know I don’t want this forever (or for too long), but I also know that this will get me to where I am trying to go.

There’s really no point I’m trying to make today, just sharing with you how okay it is and how okay it feels to be of Spirit & Art but also navigating through this matrix as a normal, working human. So if you are right here too (like undercover you’re a bad-bitch psychic healer artist but for now you are working a “normal” job within society), keep going until you know you are truly ready to bloom fully and feel grounded and stable enough to give & receive 110% from that alone. And if you aren’t here, shit yeah you keep doing you! But also remember that your worth doesn’t go down or anything just because you do work a ‘normal’ job, etc.

Life is so good. Manifesting all (and more) than I have imagined would come about, and I am so humbled and so, so grateful for everything.

Thank you Universe, for the love, the patience, the trust.. Thank you for holding me, for guiding me, for unconditionally giving me everything I need and could ever ask for. Thank you for jah blessings. May I continue to learn each day, to strive to be the best person that I can be. May this vessel be cleansed and blessed to return to the most pure instrument of love.

May our days be filled with love and light, inspiration and insight ♪

one love many blessings xx


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