I hope that by exchanging interests, insights, and all the feels, we can encourage each other to find our truths; to live what we love and follow our hearts to make ways for a more conscious, loving world.

Here & Now: Contemplations from the Concrete Jungle

Here & Now: Contemplations from the Concrete Jungle

Hi fam:) 

An update from my here & now, my internal fires and revelations.

dwelling under the city lights, in a sleepless metropolis.. I feel like this place is so big but so, so small.

being able to see the streaks of blue from the heavens above in between tall skyscrapers - yet feeling so far from the skies, unable to soak in the Vitamin D. 

or when sitting next to strangers on the train - so close yet they seem so far away..

I find myself losing myself to my surroundings, grabbing for my phone in moments of quiet and stillness, rather than being present with who or what is in front of me. 

as though the flashy lights of the city streets are sucking the light - the life - out of me, zombifying me back into the darkness of Babylon, the darkness that lingers within me. 

.. however,

There has been so much sweet coming from this sourness I have toward the city life.

First and foremost, it has been teaching me gratitude each day. Being away from the ocean and further from the offerings of Mother Earth, I have a deeper sense of gratitude for the lifestyle that I chose for myself, filled with love and abundance at the thought of returning to the seas in a few weeks. I am grateful for my awareness and conscious, of recognizing that everything is for me, never to me. That a few weeks in the city is a dream for some, and such a wild, fun adventure for me.  

 I am revisiting unhealed parts of myself - gifted with the added challenges, with new opportunities each day to adapt and continue to evolve. To nurture myself, to find balance, to give and give. To take nothing for granted. 

I am meeting amazing people who are doing amazing things, not only surviving in the city, but thriving.. flourishing. I am inspired and humbled by the beauty of humanity, the kindness and curiosity of strangers - my faith and hope for the return to Oneness is ever-expanding.   

I am finding beauty in the chaos, slowly finding stillness within the movement. 

Tokyo, you are a gem. Thank you for teaching me patience, acceptance, understanding, and compassion. Through my darkness - through my internal fires - I am peeling more layers and spiraling back to my light. Reignited. Relearning. Remembering. Returning.


Reminders for/from my here & Now (For me, for you, for us) :

"The path is not a straight line, it's a spiral- you continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths."

: sometimes you feel like you may be facing the same pain, the same climb. but you are this spiral- nothing is ever repeating because you are far stronger, far more experienced and evolved than the last time. you can never forget y unforget anything. this is the spiral. we're constantly evolving, transforming. even when you feel like you're going backward, like you've relapsed back into old habits or patterns, you're only going up. it's all the flow, all a teaching. this is your personal, unique, beautiful, imperfectly perfect path. sometimes we go two steps forward and one step back: at least it's progress. it's all the process. 

one love and many blessings. Maktub~ 

xx Nene





W/ Love (album) by infinite bisous

W/ Love (album) by infinite bisous