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Manifestation Journal: Living the Practice

Manifestation Journal: Living the Practice

"The things that you want - it's not a question of if you can have them, it's about when you will let them in." -Abraham Hicks

I am sitting here at a cafe somewhere in Australia, reflecting back on all of the things I've been dreaming of both recently and since I was a teenager trying to sort out what I wanted to do in the future. I remember since I was 16, all I wanted was to travel and someday live in Australia. In recent years, all I think about is to surf, make art through writing and music, to heal - to live simply, sharing light where ever I go. 

I am reflecting back to the string of moments that have somehow lead me to here and now - where I am living out what I have intended as a dream life for myself. 

This is not at all a post for me to boast about anything, but simply to share with you how the manifestation and law of attraction process worked and works for me (through experimentation, trial and error, practice, etc). I hope this will be of service (and hope!!) to you in some way~

My personal Journey of manifesting abundance and flow

As I was finishing my last year of studies at University, I had no idea what I was going to do post-graduation. All I knew was that I wanted to live abroad, meet new people, surf and practice/teach yoga.

I had a list of things I wanted to manifest, such as,

  • travel money ($4K to be exact)

  • a job doing what I love - surf, yoga, cafe

  • more audience on my blog

  • a surfboard

In the end, it all worked out, and I learned the beautiful, funny ways that the Universe plays and supports unconditionally:

I ended up selling my beloved car for exactly $4K. I met a Japanese surfer at San Onofre who offered me to come work with them in Japan for some time, building a camp resort/hippie village/cafe/music venue, right in front of some of the best surf in Japan. I realized the true meaning of growing an audience and following, understanding my purpose and worth on a deeper level (which naturally leads to connection + a growing audience). I got a mad deal on a beautiful surfboard from my surf idol and now sister of the sea, Kassia + Surf

(..okay, this sounds a bit boastful but I promise it's with full love~ I am just too stoked!! All the more reason for you to be hopeful, maybe? xx)

And with all this magic, I am overflowing with love and endless gratitude. And I HAVE to share this with you. 

Why the Law of Attraction may not be working | Manifesting with the heart

When I had first heard of the Law of Attraction, like most of you probably did, I was putting everything to the test, trying to manifest everything from an open parking spot to a job interview I wanted to land. And although sometimes it would "work", I became a little pessimistic as it was always a hit or miss, a coincidence meant to be. 

However, in this process, I realize that I was manifesting solely through the power of word and thought. Whether through affirmations, meditation, or tapping into mental telepathy, I was always trying with my head space. I then realized: my heart was not in it. On an energetic level, my words and thoughts were not in alignment with my feelings, and vice versa. 

I remember I would sit and write affirmations, lists of things I am grateful for and things that I will manifest. But somewhere as I was writing these things, there was a sense of doubt sitting within my heart. Although my thoughts were so in it, "yeah Nene you got this!!!", my heart was quietly closing up and building a resistance, not as sure and confident as those powerful affirmations I would repeat were. 

Fear, Doubt, Resistance (subconscious or not) :
When we start working with the law of attraction and manifestation, the most important thing to remember is to release all negative beliefs. This could be said easily, but actually takes a mindful practice to keep as we work with the flow. 

Often we are unknowingly holding back on our true potential, our true desires, because of a resistance that finds its way within our conscious, one way or the other. For example, when I first wrote "to make $4k in the next two months", I was already doubting it and scribbled down $3K instead. I felt so silly because, well what the hell was I thinking trying to manifest anything when I was already doubting myself in the first place. The law of attraction, and manifesting with this power is all about getting what you desire, although you don't know how. If you knew how, it would just be a goal. Manifestation at it's finest is when you don't know how, but you know you will.  

This fear, or resistance, comes in other shapes as well. For example, you may find yourself trying to manifest a certain amount of money, wealth, or status. Yet, when you come across a person with these attributes you are quietly bitter or jealous of them in some way, constructing thoughts and feelings of judgement or criticism about them. Things like, "oh she just has a lot of followers but she's not anyone that special", or when you want to lose weight but you are silently criticizing every thin girl you see. How can you seek for yourself what they have or what they are, when you are conceptualizing it as negative? Shift your perspective, see the good and the light in your desires. Notice the reflections. You must release all negative beliefs and judgement.


Working with the law of attraction + Manifestation

The biggest thing that has helped me in co-orchestrating the workings of manifestation is the understanding of timeline jumping. To some, this may sound like woo-woo metaphysical, esoteric BS, but I have seriously been shifting with this perception of being. 

This "timeline" is pretty much a reality (there are multiple, simultaneously) that is happening on another vibrational plane. You can consciously choose to step into and live in the vibrational reality in which what you want to manifest exists (I highly encourage you to read the article all about manifestation + timeline jumping, here). 

Simply put, it is that: 

what you want already exists, you must work to reach the vibration in which it exists. 

"The first step is to own your power. You must consciously reclaim this ability to jump timelines by recognizing that it is indeed possible.
The next step is to recognize that everything is made of energy. That energy has a signature vibration. Your thoughts, feelings, words, actions and creations must all match your desire in frequency. Every part of you must be focused on your intent.
As your vibration changes, you will automatically shift timelines.
If you like what you experience in the new timeline, hold your vibration by continuing to feel the emotions which aligned you with your desires.
To change timelines, change your thoughts, words, feelings and actions to align with your new goal.
It will probably take more than a few attempts to get it right, but once you experience success, you will be motivated to try again. Eventually, this practice will become second-nature" -
Kim Hutchinson

Another thing to keep in mind is the idea of accepting and balancing free will vs. Fate. Of asking, trusting, believing, surrendering, and then receiving whatever comes. If you feel as though you cannot or are not reaching the vibration in which all that you wish for exists, (you probably have to practice this more) or truly, something better awaits. When you zoom out of to the bigger picture, you will realize that through what did or didn't come, it is always happening for you, never to you. 

image by wikihow (lol).

image by wikihow (lol).

As I arrived in Australia, I knew I had to find myself another surfboard as I didn't want to bring mine along this trip. The first three days, I would meditate and visualize myself surfing dreamy waves here in East Coast Oz. This time in visualization practice, I was not only thinking about the board, but I sat down allowing myself to feel what it was like having the board, riding the board, traveling the coast with the board - as if I already had one. Three days later, we drove down to Sydney to pick up my lovely, new board :)

The idea is this: you must focus on the presence of something rather than the absence of it. Never forget to be grateful, count your blessings, there is always more room for gratitude!! Love, life, and magic are everywhere. Your dream lifestyle, the tangible and intangible things you long for, the man or woman of your dreams are all waiting for you. Believe in yourself. Trust your heart and your gut. Connect. 

Through it all, remember,

abundance cannot exist without gratitude. 

Raise the vibes, raise the roof. Everything you can imagine is real.  

Journey well brothers and sisters~ thank you for reading, thank you for sharing this space with me. one love many blessings, xx Nene

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