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My Top 5 Go-To Environmental News Sources

My Top 5 Go-To Environmental News Sources

Today I keep it short and sweet and share with you some of my top, go-to news sources environmental awareness. It's not necessarily easy to keep up with everything going on in today's world, and some of us may be interested but lost as to where to even begin. And like any other subject - whether it's politics, economy, finance - it's pretty much impossible to keep up with it all, anyway. But in times of social and environmental adversity, I think it is important to be somewhat aware and considerate of some things.

As in all spiritual teachings, awareness is the first and greatest step in transformation. I am not here to push or force anyone into researching or reading about things they don't have interest in - I simply want to share with you some things to explore and possibly open up to.

1. EcoWatch

Super awesome because they have a handful of articles to share everyday and if you subscribe they send news to you everyday with a nice quote along with it. They keep articles short and sweet, mostly summarizing from other links and sources so they are easy to follow. On some days they even share some health tips! 

2. Credo Action

So CREDO is extra cool because they are actually my mobile phone company that happens to be an epic, progressive, change-seeking, activist company. I switched from Verizon to Credo about two months ago and am loving it. They share environmental news and awareness through Credo Action and have petitions out almost everyday if you are subscribed. They are not only about the environment but seek change in social, political (you name it) rights. 

If you're interested in changing phone plans, they have amazing deals of getting iPhones for cheap and they even buy you out from your plan!! Check it out if interested~ here.

3. Earth Justice

Loads of petitions and action you can take part in with them. They are said to be the original and largest nonprofit environmental law organization and "HAS BEEN THE LEGAL BACKBONE FOR THOUSANDS OF ORGANIZATIONS, LARGE AND SMALL"

4. The Washington Post Environment

They are more about in-depth news rather than the others of being news and taking action. Very informative and rich content, lots written by academic scholars and environmentalists. For those of you who don't like reading too much, they have video clips and photos that help as well:)

5. Green Peace

So at one point (after watching Cowspiracy), I was a bit skeptical of them because the possibility of them being 'sponsored' by the meat industry.. which I still don't know if that's 100% true or not (someone help?). Anyway, besides that point, the work they do is awesome. A good source of news and taking part in making the change through petitions and volunteer work!

These are just a few to name, so don't limit yourself and do explore other sources you've maybe heard of or are interested in (there is BBC, Huffington Post, Sierra Club, etc.)

I hope this serves you in some way, or you find interest in some of the content shared by these sources! 

Always for a one love, thrive on fam~ xx


The Path is the Goal, and We Are On the Path.

The Path is the Goal, and We Are On the Path.

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