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Positive Head Podcast

Positive Head Podcast

Positive Head Podcast with host Brandon Beachum.

This podcast is all about raising vibration, and as Brandon always reminds us "it's a daily, conscious effort keep a positive head and an elevated vibration." I started tuning in to this when I first typed in positive in iTunes Podcast. And although sometimes it could sound kind of corny and rainbow-and-butterflies-y, I find the content deep, rich, and enlightening. 

I had an album I wanted to share, but my day kind of flowed into writing about this for today. 

Today I had been hanging out with my partner and we were both in funky states of ups and downs, individually and together; I felt tired and weak and he was having gnarly back pains and was up and down with his mood. All day we were trying to have a good time together but were bumping heads here and there.

You know those times, being human, you feel stuck in emotions and although you try hard you just can't seem to get yourself out of a feeling? I just needed to breathe, to have a moment of stillness and quiet to myself. I decided to go home because I didn't want to bring down any more than I had.

It's funny, we hear a lot that the true practice of our spiritual teachings lie when faced with situations among family - siblings, parents, spouses.. If you can stay patient, centered, and compassionate with them, then you can see how much you have truly grown. Something along those lines. And for me personally, this is true and this is where I am tested most. Anyway,

After a breather in my car, I started on my drive home. I decided to tune in to the positive heads podcast to lift myself and clear my thoughts, emotions, and energy. I fell on episode 438 today: tell a new story and rewrite the next chapter of your life. And the title didn't sound that relevant to how I was feeling, but I was pulled to this one today and went for a listen.

... This episode ended up being everything I needed to hear in these moments. They talked about how it is important to give attention to the story you want to see, and slowly learn to give no energy to what you don't like or you don't want - to learn to rewrite and to re-operate your view. 

With Kent (my partner, my person), I notice how I'm really affected by his energy and how I tend to point out every time he's down or in a negative state; which of course, when you're with someone almost 24/7, you'll see those sides too. 

The episode was talking about how it's easy to focus on what's wrong with someone and what they're not doing right, or what we wished they would do. We usually aren't giving attention to the parts we want to see more of, and tend to focus on what's wrong. Ultimately, everyone is a reflection of our expectations of them. Although some of it is me trying to control my feelings (of being an empath and very sensitive to people's energies), I also realize that I am sometimes expecting myself to be affected by him so easily, sometimes expecting my mood to go down anytime he is not so up himself.

For some of us, maybe this is even a habit we have in our subconscious. For me it sure was, until I had it pointed out to me directly like this that I realized it too. This was a great timing of a teaching for me: to slowly peel the layers of expectation, to stop drowning myself in negativity, and to learn to give no energy to the things I "don't like" - to stop focusing on the "wrong", especially with people.

Anyway, that is my blabbering on why this show is so nice. It always speaks of synchronicity, and I find this to happen and to be true most times. Like hearing the things I need to hear at the time, or a big yes from the Universe to reaffirm to me that all is going and flowing.

Also, it's nice because he interviews a conscious change-maker once a week. Whether it's an artist, an author, a scientist, a humanitarian, a psychic - he has genuine and enlightening conversation to share with us, which is always a pleasure.

If you don't have iTunes, they have everything on their website as well, and there almost at 500 episodes so you really never run out of content to tune into. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I hope that it helps in some way, wherever you are!

Sending love always, in all ways~ xx

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p.s. this Friday some friends and I will be grooving to Inner Wave, Yeek, and Sports at the Constellation Room @ Observatory in Santa Ana. See you there~ xo

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