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Summer Ripening! Manifest Your Goals, Reach Your Potential

Summer Ripening! Manifest Your Goals, Reach Your Potential

It's July - more than half way into the year. Think back to the first weeks of the new year, when we were setting intentions and looking forward wanting to make changes. What were your intentions - your goals - for the new year? 

When you think back to that time, can you remember the fire and the drive you had then? Do you still carry that with you today? Do you still have a deep hope and positive outlook for the intentions you set for yourself?

The art of setting goals

A soul sister of mine sat me down and explained to me this art of setting goals and sticking to them. And we say goals, meaning intention and energy directed to something we strive for - not a heavy expectation and pressure we put on ourselves. Having said this, however, when we say intention it is also not something too light. Intention can move freely (your vision might shift, or you find other interests, etc.), but when you scatter too much energy into different directions - in different people, wants, situations - you can find yourself lost in endless circles of leaving everything half done.

For example, we can think back to times when we've set a goal for ourselves. "I'll save up $3,000 then make the move to LA" or things as small as "I'll do laundry then start my work"

And then we may find that the next thing we know, we pushed the $3,000 goal back to $8K and start our work after laundry and vacuuming and watching an episode of our go-to show. Some of this is from laziness, yes, but when it comes to the bigger goals of our life, it may be postponed or questioned because of resistance - conscious or not. Resistance, or fear - of actualizing our potential, of making the next move, of stepping into change

When you realize this and embrace it, we can hopefully ease into the journey of each goal. If you take time into making a plan, weighing out all the outcomes, the pros and cons, and confirm it, you shouldn't have to change it when you are nearing that goal. Try to remember where you were when you initially set the goal - once you reach it, you can move onto the next goal. 

Oftentimes, we find ourselves set an intention, and without meeting ourselves there, move onto the next. This leaves us with a pile of a bunch of things we wanted to pursue, but have all half-done. So find one thing, get it done, and move onto the next. You might find some goals and intentions to be intertwined with another, so sort it all out. What I've started doing is just writing things down. When you see your intentions written down for you to visually see, it can help to clear a lot of clustering within the mind

With all this being said, however, you can still pursue more than one thing at a time. It just means you need to be more focused and have energy available to pour into more than one direction.

So start small if you need to. Small may sound small but it's you planting a seed that paves the way unto greater and grander things.  It could be day-to-day focuses - like cleaning, doing homework, etc. - but it will help to form a habit of simply getting shit done. Then you implement this into your grander vision - career goals and making huge changes. Also, keep your goals realistic. If you ask too much from yourself, you will be overwhelmed and burn out before embarking on the path to reach your goal. One thing at a time: one day at a time. Again, maybe write it all out on paper. 

I found an epic article on Forbes that talks about the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It talks about manifesting short-term and long-term goals, and this has been such a gem for me in my personal process. Check it out here.

Remember, don't be too fixated on the goal, and be as present as you can be with the journey of the goal. Always keep it balanced: there is the material side of striving for a goal, but also the other that is the sacred intuition within and the flow of all that is, guiding to work out everything the way it is meant. The decisions will all be met with what is meant for you (even when it doesn't seem like it).

Keep the mind driven and motivated to reach your goal, but also ease into the heart, letting yourself surrender at times. 

Think of your intention. Ask yourself, what is the next step in furthering this? What can I do today to show up and reach toward this? Keep it real. And don't be so hard on yourself. With no judgement, no expectation - trust in yourself, hold courage. Inspire yourself!! 

Again, keep in mind: goals are not only to get, goals are ultimately to grow. xx

Books on motivation, manifestation, and reaching your potential:


I hope some of this helps you along your personal process. Thank you for the inspiration always. One love happy hump day~ 

xx Nene

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