I hope that by exchanging interests, insights, and all the feels, we can encourage each other to find our truths; to live what we love and follow our hearts to make ways for a more conscious, loving world.

Flow: Finding Balance Between Spirit & Matter

Flow: Finding Balance Between Spirit & Matter

A lot of change coming! I am shifting and morphing into what is meant, and more than happy and excited about it all.

I am striving to find the balance, between staying authentically in my power and Spirit, while navigating through this matrix/three dimensional realm. I am finally owning up to Purpose and shifting into my true full-time job of my earthly duties~

You may start to feel this stir within you too. Of remembering, or of questioning.. Where do I come from? What am I here to do? Whatever you do, stay curious.. and trust.

I just finished my academic career (Uni) and although education is such a gift, now that I am done I (still) believe and recognize that the form of education I put myself through for the last few years of my life, was just not something meant for my nature. But I am so so grateful for the experience. 

And I feel this huge relief, and so much room to breathe and to see my truth and my work ahead a bit more clearly. 

I had a whole space on this blog dedicated to sustainability and environmental consciousness (because it was something I was studying in school for the past few years); it is definitely something I will continue to share, however, not in the way I had been. It will still be within my lifestyle, but not forcefully shared the way it sometimes felt. 

If you are new to this blog space and/or don't know what I am talking about, no worries. Long story short, this blog will be shifting and morphing as I. I guess this is sort of my introduction to this new category I have for the blog:


I'll still share about living consciously and in-tune with the environment, but will also expand and talk about other things (all things lifestyle). For me that is everything from rituals, surfing, travel, culture, food, etc.. All the while remembering that this is after all, the human experience, and I will find pleasure in these things.

Everything (here) is a paradox, isn't it? Like how we are so individually unique, yet are all same same. Or how art is cultured and 'of-this-world', though it comes from such a sacred place, greater and grander than this world. Or how on this spiritual path, we practice letting go of attachment nevertheless longing for nothing but connection. Or simply in the idea that we are spiritual, yet material. Simultaneously and divinely spirit and matter... to navigate through this all and find peace within the controversy.. maybe this is the balance we seek. 

So do you, follow your truth and your calling. No matter how earthly or somewhat-materialistic it is or may seem. Some of the most expansive things come from just that, no? I used to think that my love for surfing and art and food was against my spiritual path because it is from this earthly plane, this three-dimensional realm.. But what the hell then we can't move forward with anything here!! Creativity in itself is from a higher place. This I trust. This I believe in.. That pure creative flow and energy comes from Source energy. Meaning art, music, fashion, hobbies.. they can still be channeled from the same place we come from.. simply to fit this humanly form.

I am slowly peeling the layers and finding acceptance within all things.. So fuck yeah I'll write about the clothing and lifestyles I admire and am inspired by, or the cafes and restaurants I drool over. This is me, spirit and matter. godly and humanly. HERE AND NOW.

Finding my flow through all the feels- this is my outlet, a channel of light for the time being. Thank you for this space. Thank you for letting me share - for allowing me to give and receive. 


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