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"The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything"

"The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything"

Today's Mantra:

"Each and every action I take, word I speak, and decision I make contributes to the creation of the life I choose to live"

How you do anything is the way you do everything.

This has been my theme for the past few weeks; this saying has been stuck in my conscience since I first heard it and has expanded my awareness, opening me to a new practice of mindfulness. 

My good friend who is on her path to someday starting her own business shared an idea that stuck with me, which in a way, is relevant to this saying. She said that one day when she has to start the hiring process, one of the key things she will make those who are applying do, is to fold origami. She explained to me that you can tell a lot about someone's personality by watching them fold origami. It's kind of like being able to tell a little (sometimes a lot) about someone's personality by seeing their bedroom. 

Maybe that example doesn't resonate for some because we also want to go by the maxim, "don't judge a book by it's cover", or we know about ourselves that we like to excel in certain things and tend to not-care so much about other things.  There may be a fine line where this saying of how you do anything is the way you do everything does/doesn't apply, but for the most part it can be applicable. It's simply about how mindful  you are - of the way you do things, the way you talk to people, the way you treat yourself and others.

For instance, say you go on a blind date, the guy is such a sweetheart to you and treats you like an angel. Then you hear the way he speaks to the waiter: condescending, aggressive, or inconsiderate. Although he is loving toward one that he wants to impress, he is not-so-nice to other strangers. You could probably assume that to be a characteristic found in him on a deeper, more honest (raw) level. It's all about the layers. 

How are your friendships and your relationships? How is your energy as you do the chores? How patient are you with elders, strangers, and children? How do you respond to traffic?

How you handle any experience can reflect how you handle many (if not all) other experiences, situations and challenges, directly or maybe indirectly. It's a practice of recognizing patterns of behavior and characteristics that can be seen in the way you are and the way you do things. A practice of observing yourself, of seeing the way you respond or react to situations, or noticing the relationship between your words and actions. I also see it in this way: Source (the Universe, God - whoever or whatever that source is for you), sees all. Behind closed doors, in all situations - what does Source see? Who are you when you are 'alone' as opposed to with others? Anything becomes everything.

I encourage you to start observing yourself in these ways - lightheartedly but with intention. This mindfulness practice has led me to some serious inner change and has been a huge teaching on my journey. It helped me to see that I must make changes in the way I do certain things, which transforms who I am as I do most other things. It taught me (and continues to teach me) to be an integral, compassionate, honest, and thoughtful being.

So may we carry this mantra with us today: "each and every action I take, word I speak, and decision I make contributes to the creation of the life I choose to live".

One action at a time, one considerate response at a time. One decision to come from an elevated vibration at a time. Let us slowly peel the layers by breaking old habits. Let us truly see ourselves by carrying this awareness in steps to creating the life we choose to live. 

Radical change and transformation comes with this awareness - of noticing yourself and seeing yourself through the process. It's all a part of the process! So with this being said, observe yourself in the way you do this anything, but no judgement and no self-harm if it's not the way you want to be doing everything. And try to see that in others as well. Again, it's all the process, all a practice. One step at a time. 

Happy Monday fam, may our days be filled with love and light, inspiration and insight. One love~

xx Nene

Ojos del Sol (Album) by Y La Bamba

Ojos del Sol (Album) by Y La Bamba

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