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Law of Attraction: You Are a Vibrational Match to Your Reality

Law of Attraction: You Are a Vibrational Match to Your Reality

you get what you give.

your vibe attracts your tribe.

where attention goes, energy flows.

... We may have heard of these sayings before, but when we take a moment to really think about them -  what do they mean to convey? 

These past few weeks, more than ever, I have been seeing my world dominantly through energy and frequency - as if I can almost see the vibrations of the words, feelings, and moods present in my surrounding. It's a trip because it is allowing me to think more in these terms as well, to really focus on my energy and practice to balance my internal and external world through intention and understanding. This is F L O W, or as the universal tongue calls it, the law of attraction. 


"The Law of Attraction can be understood by understanding that ‘like attracts like'. What this means is that whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives. A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you." - Law of Attraction

The thing is, when we think of the universe in terms of energy (which for those skeptics, it's actually science, too), we open ourselves to a new perspective of being. We can begin to see ourselves not only on the physical level, but at the level of our souls - where we are not only human, but are of spirit who have the abilities to manifest and create our own reality. 

We live in a law of attraction based universe, which makes our internal world a vibrational match to what is happening in our external world. Our state of mind, the words we use, our intentions and feelings, all hold power, all hold a vibration that we are constantly giving and taking. 

We are always a vibrational match to what is happening to us. 

Maybe you notice that you are surrounded by negativity, abuse, and hate. Or you are constantly looking for what's wrong in your life, what you don't have, finding and focusing on the things that are not working the way you wished they would. And you look around and blame everything and everyone around you, but in the end, you will find that you are the one who is allowing this to happen, you are the one who (subconsciously or not) decided that this is the realm that you will let yourself live in or settle at. 

When you are in this low state, or low frequency, you will only attract and manifest things that are on this same level as you. These are the mirrors, or the reflections of life. Everything affecting you is a reflection of the vibration that you are emitting. If you are feeling that the vibes around you are too low, you must recognize that you have the power to step away and into another level of frequency, with people and situations that match you. With this being said, however, just because you find yourself in a lower state does not always mean it is a reflection of your insides or that it stems from you. I say reflection, also meaning that it is simply the Universe giving you a reference point to show you what it is you truly want and don't want. And from here, you step into your power to make the changes necessary to live the life you desire. 



Feed into all that you want to see,

let go of what does not serve you.

Sometimes you may find yourself thinking, "well, I can't be so positive when my roommates are being so negative", or "how am I supposed to be happy when I hate my job?" 

Some external situations, you may not be able to control. For example, I used to really not like school, and thought that university was just not meant for me. But my dad's sole wish for us was to get through school and then move on to do whatever it is that we wanted. I used to be so resistant to this and I really couldn't change the situation of me going to school. When it comes down to it, yes, I could've quit and been disowned by my parents (yes, this is a real thing for asian households), but realistically, I couldn't afford to do so. And now looking back, a part of me knows I didn't do that because somewhere within, I was resisting not not-going to school either. And even though at the time I found myself in boggles, I am so glad and grateful for all of it (I was able to slowly start to see it as atrue blessing - a period for me to discover more of myself, to buy time while figuring my next steps out, for education, and connection).

As this, some of you may find yourself in a place where you think that you simply cannot afford to make a change. Like not having the luxury to simply move out to find new roommates or to quit your job. Or like me, you have built a resistance, or fear, that holds you back from doing (or not doing) the very thing you want. 

If you are finding yourself in this place, all you can really do is work to change your perspective, change your reaction to the situation you are in. You must shift to stop resisting where you are, and find all that you have to be grateful for in these times. Maybe this time of self-reflection paves ways to reassess yourself, to understand what vibe you are giving and receiving, and reset your energy. As you reach for the positive, you might start seeing that these hard times are the contrast offered, to truly know the good that is to come. Continue reaching for this positive outlook, and eventually you will raise your vibration so that you can feel confident enough to step into change, to step into the life that you desire.

Even if you cannot reach to stay so positive, at least you are recognizing your situation. It's exactly what you needed to shake you, to bring the momentum that you have been seeking to work toward change - toward transformation. 

Now, if you come to this point - where you think you can't afford change but know that it is necessary - you must trust that gut, follow that instinct and really shift and make movements toward change. 

Remember, until you change what needs to be changed, your life will remain as it is. 

And if you believe and trust that this is meant - that you are meant to find a new home or get into a new career path - the Universe will conspire and support you. You are safe, you are held.

If you are constantly finding yourself "unlucky", stuck in untimely situations, or simply going down the path of most resistance (everything seems to go wrong, people bail, etc.), it is a nice way of the universe telling you to check yourself before you wreck yourself, to recognize your energy and maybe raise your vibration (or to get out of the one you are in now!) Because, again, you are a vibrational match to your reality. Correspondingly, when you are on the path of least resistance, when you become more in alignment with your higher self and start to be in tune with the law of attraction, you will start to experience synchronicities, "coincidences", magical moments. These are the omens - the signs - encouraging you that you are going a good way and reminding you of your power. This is flow. Ride with this vibe, and continue to R I S E !!! 

So once in a while, check in with yourself. Not only how your external world is looking, but really take a moment to reflect on the essence which is you: the words you use, the energy you offer, the dialogue within your mind (are you being your worse critic? judgemental? assuming? are you grateful?), and your intentions. 

We are all made of energy, we are all psychic, all magicians, beams of light!! Whatever you give power to becomes real.

Simply put, it is all happening for us, never to us – even if you can’t control what is happening around you, you still hold the power to change your reaction. And these reactions will guide you to the life that you want. So work and play and live and love to seek higher vibrations. Recognize that your external life is a projection of your internal world: the intentions, thoughts, words, and vibes you are putting out are reflected in your reality, are met with the same frequency. Feed into all that you want to see, let go of what does not serve you.

Your life is your canvas, do beautiful, conscious, and mindful things with it. Look and see, you are and you have been the one holding the paintbrush all along. 

.. Because it is a load, I will be writing more in the weeks coming on working with the law of attraction and manifestation. For now, I hope this is an insightful perspective to empower you to reach for your highest potential and come one step closer to living what you love. 

Journey well fam!!!

With love and light,

Nene xx

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