reiki & energy healing, oracle & numerology readings

ancient medicine and philosophy understands that most physical ailments are manifested from a deeper root cause that lies within the energetic body. to heal the dis-ease, these roots must be discovered and treated. to be healthy means to be in harmony - mind, body, spirit.


oracle & numerology reading + spirit guidance

Tour + Local + Appointments via Email & Phone

$18 dollars

A simple, one card intuitive reading with some words of wisdom from my go-to deck, Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette + any messages from your Spirit Guides & Team through intuitive healing. I combine this channeling and reading with insight from numerology: your karmic journey, what cycle you are in, ideas on what vibrations may be effecting you at the time (I will explain more in session/email). 

all readings come with a photo and detailed description of each card, message, and cycle number.

energy healing + aura cleansing 

Tour + Local Appointments Only

$45 dollars

A 45 minute session including a chakra balancing "massage", aura cleansing, and wellness consultation. Our main focus will be to check for imbalances within the Chakra system through energy healing, working on your personal process from there.

energy healing + spirit readings

Tour + Local Appointments Only

$54 dollars

An energy healing session including a chakra balancing “massage” + aura cleansing, channeling any messages from your Spirit Guides & Team through reiki and intuitive healing && a wellness consultation including a numerology and oracle card reading.

** if these suggested donations are out of your price range or if you are having any financial issues that may stop you from inquiring - please do not hesitate to write to me regardless. I would love to offer any of my services to fit your needs, and I am very much for trading/exchange of services - so please! don't be shy :) let's talk! ** 

your (our) healing matters! one love xx