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My Favorite 5 Coffee shops in Long Beach, CA.

My Favorite 5 Coffee shops in Long Beach, CA.

So, as I start writing more for people + places, you will eventually find that I am super keen on going to coffee shops. It may be a weird or ultra-girly interest but I love venturing out, taking that extra drive into town, taking photos of the different furniture, plants, walls, etc., simply to check the place out and the vibes they offer. I'm also a coffee-lover, sometimes a little too picky about my coffee (it's either good coffee or no coffee for me). And if you are a friend (or a big talk acquaintance), you probably have heard me blabber on about my dream to open a cafe one day. So every time I go out to a cafe, it's somewhat of a business venture because I learn and feel a lot from them. And hopefully because of this stinginess and the high standards I carry for coffee, it is a great guide for you to explore good coffee, too (hehe). Anyway...

 Today I share with you my favorites in Long Beach, California - where I currently reside. I had a couple of friends visiting from outside of the state (and country) suggest that I share on this topic, so here we are :)

Also, Long Beach is super hip: a very progressive city (on all levels, socially, environmentally, etc), full of artists, yogis and healers, good vibes, lovely people, all the groove. So it's always such a pleasure going to cafes around because I always meet inspiring, interesting and unique people. I will share here about vibes vs. coffee as well, because (like most places), they have some cafes that are hip but coffee sucks, and some that are not-so-aesthetically-pleasing, but the coffee is prime. So I hope you find what you're looking for here-  whether its for a nice meetup place or a splendid cup of joe. 


1. Viento y Agua Coffeehouse

 Good for work/study: the best place and vibe to work and study! 

Aesthetics: Cute, bright colored walls with lots of art. Good music! They have live events some evenings such as open mic night, poetry, local artists performances.

Coffee: so-so. not the best, not the worst. 6 out of 10



Good for work/study: Yes (but not the best) also great for meetups:)

Aesthetics: Very cute:) beautiful plants, brick walls, nice wood, a vintage-y feel to the place. 

Coffee: the best in Long Beach in my opinion. 9 out of 10.


Good for work/study: not the best (a lot of movement, small space) but great for meetups. 

Aesthetics: a very "hipster" feel to this place - not the best for studying/work but is definitely a place to meet up with friends.

Coffee: Good! 8 out of 10


Good for work/study: Yes! They have a whole seating area in the back which is for work/study (quieter, more serious)

Aesthetics: lovely place with tall ceilings, brick walls, plants, very cute. Outdoor seating as well. A nice community:)

Coffee: the coffee is not as good as the looks (so-so). 5 out of 10


Good for work/study: Yes~ 

Aesthetics: beautiful brick walls, lovely baristas. Mixed vibes (in the heart of downtown Long Beach so all sorts of people - from tidy businessmen to yogis and tourists)

Coffee: So good! Also one of the bests around town. 9 out of 10 

It's easy to be fooled nowadays when on the search for well-brewed, well-made coffee. Some cute brick walls and plants, with hip music and people can fool you into thinking you're in on some good coffee. Hopefully this is of some insight for you when in Long Beach, California~ and in need of that cup of joe.

These are just a few ideas of coffee shops; there are a ton in Long Beach (more such as The Library, Deja Brew, Steelhead, Eco Coffee, lots more) 

I hope you find your groovy place and enjoy your morning delight! xx

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