this blog is a collection of simple reminders (for me, hopefully for you, for us)

some insight, motivation, inspiration - whatever you want to take it as. I say they are just “reminders” - things you already know somewhere within, just being written out for you to bring your awareness back to - to reel it in in a (hopefully) relevant, helpful way. unlearning y relearning. remembering. together we rise~

finding flow through all the feels. thank you for this space - the light within me recognizes and honors the universe within you. one love xx nene

꩜ ꩜ ꩜


the path to self-discovery and peace. insights on all things mind, body, soul + metaphysics - anything expansive to our consciousness and healing.

all things livelihood: conscious living, sustainability, travel, inspirations, my go-to’s (remedies, brands, etc)

medicine for the soul: to raise vibration and uplift our spirits. findings of books, music, podcasts, documentaries, all the groove~


ponderings, nene free-writing, poetry, greetings from here y now. raw, as-is contemplations on life, love, and liberty.