I hope that by exchanging interests, insights, and all the feels, we can encourage each other to find our truths; to live what we love and follow our hearts to make ways for a more conscious, loving world.

About: Thrive

About: Thrive

"An integral person cares for the wellbeing of all. She does this by accepting responsibility for the energy she manifests. Looking at a tree she's sees not an isolated event but root, leaves, trunk, water, soil and sun: each event related to the others, and "tree" arising out of their relatedness. Looking at herself and another, she sees the same thing." - Hua Hu Ching



As we work on our consciousness and personal growth, we begin to awaken to the idea that we are all interconnected in one way or another. There is a mysterious sense of oneness, of all being so same same but different. As our awareness expands, we naturally begin to spread the knowledge and seek to make change. We might even start to notice and be more aware of the bigger picture, to see what is going on as a whole.

Having studied the natural sciences and working for a B.A. in environmental and human geography, I thought I could share some of the fascinating topics we've discussed and did extensive research on, specifically in the field of environmental science. In my academic studies, I came across many topics that are very relevant to our lives and so important for our future. Being a liberal arts major, we do a lot of research through academic journals, books, articles, all the jazz. Reading through these is a bit time-consuming and not so accessible or easy to read; I want to sum much of it up in a playful way for us to maintain an understanding of what is going on - again, specifically with us and the environment. I'll try to keep it short and sweet, just a weekly dose of encouragement for us to progress in 'being the change that we want to see.' 

We don't necessarily have to participate in every activism event or go to the forefronts of environmental conferences to be an environmentalist. It is all about intention and wanting to make a difference. Wanting to be the change. We can start with steps in making changes within our own lives to break old habits and implement ideas to conserve and sustain. With each individual changing their ways, this adds to the collective and this is how world change truly begins - when we all participate, even if it may seem like such a small step. 

Conscious living extends to being aware of the impacts we have on others and also on our earth.

Let us open up to the bigger picture - to the truth of this one love. I hope to use this platform to spread awareness on sustainability and make it much more accessible for us all. Here I want to share with you ideas on sustainability, development, and moving towards a greener future; topics such as conservation, recycling, news/progression on sustainability - all things environmental. Insights to make a change in our day-to-day. For our future, for our Mama Gaia. 

Feel free to leave a questions or comments - I would love to research some specific topics you have in mind. 

For a one love, 

xo Nene